18 Symptoms of cold

Symptoms of cold start from three to four days before cold attacks you severely. That is the period in which we have to be alert and should take prevention steps immediately. We all have to remember that “Prevention is better than cure”. Few diseases are considered to be “contagious” because they spread from a person to person. Cold is one such disease which is highly contagious in nature. It spreads very easily. So keeping yourselves away from people suffering with cold is the best thing. We can easily fine the symptoms of the cold. It will not start immediately. Before attacking you fully, it starts giving you some other crazy hints. Mainly throat and head are the two parts that gets affected first.


Symptoms Of Cold:

Here are about 18 symptoms of cold. It is not like you are going to have all the symptoms of cold that are mentioned here. But it is more evident that you are going to have one or the other symptoms of cold that is present here.So be aware of these symptoms and protect yourself from cold in the earlier stage itself.

1.Sore throat:

As soon as your throat starts paining it is nothing but you are suffering from Sore throat. This will not allow you to take food properly. Swallowing food will become terribly difficult for you. All these clearly indicate that you are going to get effected by cold soon.


This is the majorly found symptoms of cold. You will start sneezing continuously like anything. This normally occurs when you are surrounded with a lot of dust. People suffering with dust allergy get into sneezing so very fast.


Cough and cold will go hand in hand always. One of these two will never come alone. So it is clearly evident that cough is also one of the leading symptoms of the cold. So whenever you stuck with cough, be cautious because there are more chances that you will soon get stuck with cold too.


Are you suffering from mild head ache? If yes then there are chances for you to get cold too. Cold  may start with a head ache. It is not assured that every head ache may lead to cold. But chances are there that headaches may also lead to cold.Know the natural remedies for headache.

 5.Pain in muscles:

Whenever you are on a heavy work load i.e physical work then body pains are quite common. When our body becomes restless this happens. This may lead to cold too. Cold is generally caused due to restlessness also. People with low immunity are more prone to this disease.

6.Nasal Congestion:

Nasal congestion is otherwise called as blocked nose. Cold will not even allow you to breathe properly. Breathing becomes very difficult. It is better to use an inhaler at this time to get an instant relief.

7.Scratchy throat:

If you are suffering from scratchy throat it indicates that you are going to get cold so soon. Scratchy throat will make you feel uneasy not only while taking food but also during normal times.


Cold is the disease that is so much connected with the immune system. As soon as you get affected by cold you will suffer with fatigue. This is because your immune power will get lowered. You will feel so weak as if you lost all the energy.

9.Decrease in Appetite:

You will notice that your appetite will start getting decreased. This is a clear indication that you are suffering from cold.

10.Runny nose:

Runny nose is a straight away indication that you are suffering from cold. This irritates you a lot and will not allow you to do any sort of work.

11.Watery eyes:

As soon as your eyes start watering then it is a clear indication that you are going to fall in the danger of cold so very soon. As soon as cold attacks you your eyes start watering. And if it is accompanied by sneezing the situation becomes still worse.

12.Low fever:

Sometimes body temperature will get increased. It is not that you are stuck with fever completely. It is just low fever that your temperature may increase from 98 degrees to 99 or sometimes 100. This is due to excessive heat of body. It is caused due to improper amount of liquids which may also lead to cold. So stay hydrated.

13.Ear pain:

Ear pain is also one of the symptoms of the cold. A normal allergy may not be accompanied by pain in the ear. For sure shot ear pain shows that you are suffering from the cold.

 14.Change in voice:

As soon as you get affected by cold even your voice will change. Even the people around you start asking you that “Are you suffering from cold?”.  This particular symptom is observed by others than you yourself. We may not notice our change in voice easily.

 15.Loose taste:

Cold will not only make you lose your smelling power it will also make you lose taste. You can’t eat anything properly. So it is better to take some hot soups so that you will feel better for sure.

 16.Having your face heavy:

Your face seems to be heavy. It will be like you are having some weights put on you. You will feel some sort of pressure on your face.

17.Unable to smell:

Cold makes you lose the sense of smelling. You can’t even smell strong flavors also. This will tell you that you have cold.

18.Nasal pain:

Nasal pain may not be felt every time you got stuck with cold. If cold is too heavy you start feeling the pain too. But most of the times the common cold will not be accompanied by nasal pain.

These are all the commonly found symptoms of cold. We all know that ” Prevention is better than cure”. If ever you found any of the symptoms of the cold, start taking care of it immediately so that you can stop making it worse. Take care and stay blessed.

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  1. Colds can be simple diseases but they can really take a lot of toll in our lives. I am currently pregnant and I have written a similar article about how to prevent colds especially during pregnancy. If there was an instant cold pill that could immediately cure colds, people would buy it by the dozen.
    Joie Gahum recently posted…The Power of Water and How it Can Help us Survive the HeatMy Profile

    • Yes joie as you said they are not that simple as we think. Ya we always go for pills that we think will reduce our disease quickly. But we not aware of bunch of side effects they lead it. Hei happy to know that you are carrying….. :) . Take care of you and your baby too dear. Stay healthy. Tons of love to your sweet baby….. :)

  2. What a great list, I personally just seem to mentally “know” when I’m getting sick, sometimes I can tell my body that “we are not getting sick.” Believe it or not, this process seems to actually work for me sometimes. I really hate taking any kind of pill for my ailments, but they are sometimes necessary to get through the day.
    Silas Soderman recently posted…Managing Discomfort from Abdominal Muscle StrainsMy Profile

    • Hello Soderman!!!

      Thank you for the appreciation…. :) . It is great that you have the capacity of sensing a disease at the earlier stage. That is truly a wonderful habit. If we are able to do this we can keep ourselves safe from several diseases. Coming to the symptoms of cold there are actually too many as i mentioned here. Keeping in mind a few of them will be good enough to find the disease……… :)
      Surya Tejaswini recently posted…20 Health benefits of carrotsMy Profile

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