5 Fast Energy Workouts For Runners

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The next workout routines are excerpted from Fast Energy For Runners by Jeff Horowitz (VeloPress, 2013).

Deadlifts and Entrance Raises

Muscle Targets: Decrease again, hamstrings, traps, delts, biceps, triceps

Gear: Dumbbell or medication ball, BOSU (superior)


1. Stand together with your ft a bit wider than shoulder width. Tilt your pelvis backward and arch your again, together with your knees barely bent. Hold your pelvis tilted all through the train, whilst you straighten up and bend over once more.

2.  Bend ahead on the hips, being cautious to not spherical your again. Grip a dumbbell or medication ball with each fingers.

3. Straighten and lift the burden up over your head towards the ceiling in a single clean motion. When the burden is on the highest level of the motion, your again ought to nonetheless be barely arched and your pelvis tilted backward.

Rep: Maintain for a second, then let the burden swing again down. This constitutes 1 rep.

# Reps: 10–20

Tip: To get accustomed to the deadlift place, follow gripping your sides together with your thumbs in the back of your obliques and bend over.

Coach’s Word
This train combines two workout routines into one complicated motion. Our program doesn’t incorporate the Deadlift as a stand-alone train as a result of the main muscular tissues used to carry out the Deadlift—the glutes and the decrease again muscular tissues—can generate a lot energy that you simply want a heavy weight to problem them; that form of weight is often discovered solely in a health club. As a substitute, we get outcomes by making the train extra complicated.

Superior Type
Carry out this motion from atop a BOSU, both facet up.

Fireplace Hydrants

Muscle Goal: Glutes (medius)

Gear: None


1. Get in your fingers and knees in your train mat.

2. Hold your proper knee bent and lift your proper leg out towards the facet as excessive as you may.

Tip: So as to absolutely interact the gluteus medius, just remember to don’t rotate your physique as you raise your leg. Hold your physique sq., and deal with shifting nothing however your leg.

Rep: Full your goal variety of reps, then change to your different facet.

# Reps: 20–30

Superior Type
When working the suitable leg throughout this train, maintain your left arm off the bottom and prolonged in entrance of you. By eradicating one of many helps on your physique, you introduce instability to the train. Change arms and repeat on the opposite facet.

Hip Raises

Muscle Targets: Glutes, decrease again, abs (transverse)

Gear: Medication ball (superior)


1. Lie faceup in your train mat, together with your knees bent, your legs collectively, and your ft flat on the ground.

2. Increase your hips within the air till you might have achieved a straight line out of your knees to your higher physique.

Rep: Decrease all the way down to the beginning place. This constitutes 1 rep.

Tip: You should definitely maintain the raised leg in the identical place all through; solely your hips needs to be rising up.

# Reps: 20–50

Coach’s Word: This train works the muscular tissues on the again of your physique, particularly the glutes, whereas additionally offering stretch for the hip flexor muscular tissues on the entrance of your physique.

Superior Varieties
Stretch one leg straight out, and maintain it simply a few inches off the ground. Now push off your different foot and lift your hips up within the air. Carry out the goal variety of reps, then repeat on the opposite facet

That is just like the one-legged type above, besides with one leg planted on a medication ball as an alternative of on the ground, which engages the hamstrings of your planted leg as they forestall the ball from rolling away.


Muscle Targets: Delts, triceps, seratus anterior

Gear: Dumbbell or medication ball, stability ball (superior)


1. Lie in your train mat faceup, together with your knees bent and your ft flat on the ground.

2. Maintain a weight immediately above you with each fingers.

3.  Retaining your elbows locked in a barely bent place, draw the burden backward till it nearly touches the ground, then pull it again till your arms are pointed straight as much as the ceiling as soon as once more.

Tip: Hold your elbows locked in a barely bent place all through the motion. When you bend and prolong your elbow as you carry out the motion, you focus the train on the triceps slightly than on the opposite main muscle teams that we’re aiming to enhance.

Rep: This constitutes 1 rep.

# Reps: 20–30

Superior Varieties
Lie faceup on a stability ball whereas performing this train.

Full all reps whereas holding a dumbbell with just one hand, then change to the opposite hand.


Muscle Targets: Pecs, delts (anterior), triceps, abs, glutes

Gear: Stability ball (superior)


1. Lie facedown on an train mat, together with your fingers palms down on the mat barely wider than your armpits.

2. Increase your physique up by extending your elbows.

Rep After reaching full extension, bend your elbows and decrease all the way down to an inch or two above the mat. This constitutes 1 full rep.

# Reps: 10–100

Hold your chin up throughout the train, flip the heels of your palms barely outward together with your fingers pointed barely inward, and don’t lock your elbows at full extension as a result of this takes the strain off your muscular tissues and places it in your joints. Hold your again straight all through. Don’t arch your again or let your hips sag down. Hold your physique inflexible, which not solely protects your decrease again, but in addition successfully works the muscular tissues of your core.

Superior Varieties
Divide your goal variety of reps by two, and carry out half of them with one leg held an inch or two off the ground. Then instantly proceed on to the remaining reps with the opposite leg upraised. This way engages your core extra successfully because it struggles to keep up steadiness and in addition offers exercise on your glutes, which might be working to carry the upraised leg off the ground.

Hold your ft on a stability ball whereas performing this train. Making the platform on your ft movable introduces instability, which engages your core much more.

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