Kefir: What A Great Supply Of Many Vitamins!

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What’s kefir?

Kefir is a fermented drink, much like yoghurt, often comprised of cow’s or goat’s milk.  Kefir grains – these should not cereal grains – however grain-like cultures of yeast and lactic acid micro organism, that are added to the milk.

It takes roughly 24 hours for the micro-organisms within the kefir grains to multiply and ferment the sugars within the milk, turning it into kefir. The grains are faraway from the liquid, are ready for use once more to make a brand new batch of the kefir beverage.

Kefir may be very wanted by the pure well being group, as it’s wealthy in vitamins and probiotics, and really helpful for digestion and intestine well being. It has a bitter style much like yoghurt, however the consistency is way thinner.

A wealthy supply of protein, calcium, protein and B nutritional vitamins, and kefir is finest outlined as a fermented milk drink, cultured from kefir grains.


The well being advantages of kefir

Over the previous few years, world markets have change into extra open-minded about the advantages of alternate therapies, a lot of which reminiscent of kefir, at the moment are proof based mostly. Listed here are among the well being advantages kefir can give you.

  • Probiotics happen naturally within the physique, however they’re accessible in meals reminiscent of kefir and yogurt. Yogurt has all the time been a frim favorite for sourcing probiotics, however research have proven that kefir is a extra highly effective probiotic than yogurt. Probiotics are bacterial micro-organisms that are primarily concentrated within the gastro-intestinal tract, offering so-called wholesome micro organism mandatory for a wholesome digestion, and a wholesome intestine. A wholesome intestine helps to stop constipation, and promotes correct absorption of nutritional vitamins and minerals.
  • Sure of the probiotics in kefir have antibacterial properties that are recognized to guard towards dangerous micro organism reminiscent of salmonella and E coli.
  • Bone well being. Bone well being is a significant drawback in lots of international locations the place quick meals are frequent, all of which lack any vitamins of worth. Bone tissue deteriorates when there’s a lack of minerals reminiscent of calcium, and might result in fractures and osteoporosis in later life. Kefir is wealthy in calcium and research have additionally linked kefir to elevated calcium absorption in bone cells. Kefir additionally accommodates vitamin K2, which performs an necessary position in bone well being, coronary heart well being and the right clotting of blood.
  • Most cancers safety. Some research have indicated that the probiotics in fermented dairy merchandise reminiscent of kefir, could scale back tumour progress by stimulating the immune system. One notable research revealed that kefir extract diminished the variety of breast most cancers cells by 56% versus solely 14% for yoghurt extract. Nonetheless, this was a test-tube research, and extra analysis is required for human research.
  • Many folks, adults and kids alike, are lactose illiberal – the pure sugar in dairy merchandise. The micro organism in kefir convert the lactose into lactic acid, decreasing the lactose in milk merchandise. There may be additionally some proof to recommend that kefir could also be useful in decreasing the signs of different meals allergic reactions.
  • Digestive issues. The probiotic qualities in kefir play a significant position in restoring the stability of pleasant micro organism in your intestine. This ends in being very helpful when treating diarrhea, in addition to irritable bowel syndrome. Different digestion points, reminiscent of acid reflux disorder, have additionally been efficiently handled.

Kefir grains include as much as 50 strains of micro organism and yeasts, making it a really sought-after probiotic, for a wholesome intestine and digestive system.


Is kefir protected to take?

The FDA has not permitted any probiotics for treating any well being situation, however relying on the precise finish use of the probiotic, the FDA could regulate it as a dietary complement, or a meals ingredient.

Kefir has a superb security file, and if there any unwanted effects in any respect, they might solely encompass some momentary delicate digestive hassles like extreme fuel. Many probiotics, together with kefir, are marketed as dietary dietary supplements, and as such don’t want FDA approval to hit the shops.


Extra information about kefir and probiotics

Though intensive medical research have given proof to the advantages of kefir and probiotics, a lot analysis continues to be ongoing.

Listed here are among the information we’ve already realized:

  • Retailer-bought kefir is offered, however in case you are cautious in regards to the high quality, you can also make kefir at residence fairly simply. Kefir grains, typically referred to as a starter pack, might be bought in some well being meals shops, supermarkets, and even on-line. The grains are blended with milk in response to directions, and when it has fermented, pressure out the liquid and maintain the grains to start out a brand new course of.
  • The nutrient profile of kefir contains protein, calcium and magnesium, vitamin D, phosphorous for robust bones, and likewise vitamin B12 and B2.
  • Probiotics are dwell micro organism and yeasts, that are referred to as good micro-organisms as a result of they’re of profit to the physique, particularly the digestive system.
  • Research have proven that kefir is way more potent a probiotic than yoghurt, which is the very best recognized probiotic supply within the Western weight-reduction plan.
  • Kefir is well-liked throughout Central and Japanese Europe, the place for a few years the kefir drink has been related to common well-being. In Russia, kefir is thought to be a staple meals. It’s given to main college youngsters to assist with focus, additionally given to the aged in nursing houses, and people recovering from surgical procedures, to assist promote therapeutic.
  • For most individuals kefir is protected to eat every day. A single serving is loaded with probiotics, nutritional vitamins and minerals, and consuming it day by day might construct up a wholesome stability of excellent micro organism within the system.
  • The advantages of kefir are finest skilled when taken on an empty abdomen. The best choice is to drink it earlier than breakfast, or in any other case at the very least three hours since you’ve got had meals.



Via analysis, research, and the necessity for a wholesome intestine, science has proved that kefir is a pure wholesome, probiotic and nutrient-laden meals, because of the fermentation of the cultures.



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